Design Formula Friday – The Entryway

I am so excited to start a new weekly series called “Design Formula Friday”! Every Friday I will be sharing a simple way to style, design or decorate tricky areas in the home. This week is all about the entryway or foyer. We all know the value of a first impression, and if your entryway isn’t giving off the vibe you’re looking for, then I have the perfect post for you today. Being a leftie, I’m creative, but I also love math. Stick with me here…the formula for a well-balanced foyer would be 1 console table + 2 lamps (for symmetry) + 1 round mirror + 2 storage baskets = EXCELLENT 1st IMPRESSION!

Most homes have a wall when you enter, so measure this wall and select a console table that fits. I’m in love with the simple lines and warm, natural wood tone of this one. If you have a larger wall, this one is a great option too.

Next, select your lamps. When decorating a space, make sure to mix materials. For example, a mirrored table, with silver lamps, and a silver mirror will result in a gaudy, uninteresting look. So, with the wood console table, I selected these ceramic lamps, with these shades. They add color and introduce a new material.

Third, add a mirror to make the space appear larger and for that out-the-door check yourself! I love this simple round, gold option.

Round Decorative Wall Mirror Brass - Project 62™ - image 1 of 11

Fourth, this is where fashion meets function. I love the soft woven material of these storage baskets. They are great for umbrella storage, toys, throw blankets, etc.

Round Woven Basket - Project 62™ - image 1 of 3

Lastly, add a faux plant, ceramic vase or pitcher, and pretty candle in a woven basket for texture. A cozy faux-fur throw draped in a storage basket is a fall and winter favorite to complete the look.

What impression does your entryway give?

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