Design Formula Friday – The Accent Space

Welcome back for another edition of Design Formula Friday, where I discuss styling of tricky areas in the home. Last week I shared an entryway design and this week it’s all about accent furniture. Do you have a little bit of extra space in your master bedroom, living room, or home office? Adding accent seating is the perfect way to create more seating with a cozier feel while filling the space. Today’s formula is 1 accent chair + 1 side table + 1 table lamp = PERFECT ACCENT SPACE

The guest bedroom in our lower level renovation project has the perfect corner for some accent seating. I selected this beautiful cane chair, which arrived this week and the quality is top-notch, especially for the price. It’s a beautiful and comfortable neutral piece.

If you have the extra space, two would look great with an accent table between the two. I sourced this one for the guest bedroom.

Oslari Painted Accent Table - Opalhouse™ - image 3 of 5

Next, add a desk lamp that works with the proportions of your chair and table. Since the two that I selected are on the smaller side, I’m going to go with a smaller ceramic lamp.

Textured Ceramic Accent Lamp Cream - Threshold™ - image 1 of 7

As I mentioned last week, for the most layered and interesting look, use a variety of materials like something wood, ceramic, woven, green and a metal. So we have natural wood on the chair, white wood on the table with a gold metal pull, and a ceramic lamp. Our last accessory is a faux plant.

If you are working with a larger side table, then you can add a stack of books, a family photo, coasters, etc. So there we have it. 1 accent chair + 1 side table + 1 table lamp = PERFECT ACCENT SPACE!

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